About us

About us

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Our Story

EcoHotels.com was founded in 2020 as what we believe to be the most sustainable booking site you can find. We believe that tourism, one of the world’s largest industries, has the potential to be a power for good, bringing resources and connectivity to the world. EcoHotels.com collaborates with hotels that are dedicated to sustainability, whether they hold trustworthy certifications or are actively working towards more sustainable practices. We pledge to make it simple, transparent, and easy for you to make the best and most sustainable choice.

Sustainability is key

EcoHotels.com is a tool for the sustainability-conscious traveler who values commitment and responsible actions equally to a good experience and a comfortable stay. We work with hotels that are dedicated to the sustainable development of the tourism industry. Our community of hotels includes both eco-certified hotels and those actively working towards sustainable practices. We understand that sustainability has many faces and that each hotel may have its own approach to sustainability, depending on context and the priorities closest to their hearts.

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A better future

By working with and supporting eco-certificated hotels, we want to ensure a certain standard of sustainable practices to our customers and support development towards more focus on eco-certification in the hospitality and tourism industry. In addition to this, when you book a stay through us, we support reforestation and plastic clean-up, making the world a better place one booking at a time.

Community for travelers

We also aim to be a community for travelers, who care about acting as responsibly as possible and want to have a trustworthy source of information as to which efforts and certifications the hotels that they choose to visit work with – and wish to travel as sustainably as possible, supporting high-quality, certified hotels and helping make travel a force for good around the globe.

Experience from the hotel industry

The founding members of EcoHotels all have experience from working in the hotel industry, and our booking site stems from seeing the discrepancy between how OTAs act towards hotels – and how we wished they would act. An OTA is a useful and powerful tool when looking for accommodation – but as someone we all know once said: with great power comes great responsibility.

Completely independent of the large OTAs

We have created a responsible booking site, completely independent of the large OTAs. EcoHotels is for sustainable and certified hotels, but any kind of concept could come up with the same idea, creating a community.

We’re not just another affiliate

We´re not just another affiliate (which most online booking sites are), and to that end spent a number of years and a great deal of money building our own booking engine from scratch. This is why we can act 100% in accordance with our beliefs, and not compromise on doing what we think is best for hotels and travelers as well as for our own booking site and community.
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