Green investments

Green investments

by Cecilia Dos Santos
Wind mills

Expect more than a financial profit from your investments with patience.

We are excited to announce that we have begun a partnership with

At, sustainability is a priority. We want to make sustainable traveling more assessable to everyone. Likewise, DoLand intends to make sustainable investments more assessable to everyone.

Imagine if you could combine sustainability with profit. DoLand is a tool to help you with precisely this!

Lean back and let them guide you through your next sustainable investment journey.

Sustainable investments – making it simple

First things first, you need to know what a sustainable investment is.

A sustainable investment is an investment made with the intention to obtain or contribute to a positive social or environmental impact, along with a profit.

DoLand’s mission is to guide you through your sustainable investments safely. They want to make it straightforward for everyone to invest while keeping the planet in mind.

They aim to become a leading company in Denmark’s most sustainable and effortless investment domain. To become that, they want to give you all the information you need to have before you begin your investment journey. Therefore, they have five main steps you can follow to get started!

5 steps to green investments

Step 1

Learn the terms. Terms like negative screening, E-S-G, and many more are words you should know more about before investing in anything. Learn them all in DoLand’s guide here.

Step 2

Understand and assess your risk profile. With every investment, a risk follows. Therefore, you need to consider the risk you are willing to take before investing your money in anything. Keep in mind that risk and profit are connected – meaning that the bigger the risk, the bigger the payoff. Those are some of the things that DoLand can help you with. When you create a profile, you answer a series of questions that help you with assessing what your risk profile looks like.

Step 3

Consider in which field you would like to invest. Sustainability can be many things. For example, are you interested in clean energy, clean water, recycling, or something else? Here, you can read more about some of the fields in which you can invest.

Step 4

Make an investment strategy. There are many ways to invest – from traditional investments to philanthropy. Therefore, it is essential to consider how you want to invest. DoLand is in the middle because they want sustainability and profit to be balanced. You can read more about that here.

Step 5

Make sure you know that true sustainability is difficult to achieve. An investment in one thing can have a positive impact on one area, while it can have a negative effect on others. An example is when you invest in windmills, you help promote renewable energy, but windmills are challenging to recycle. When you invest with DoLand, you can follow your investments and how great of an impact it has had on reducing co2 or kilowatt, compared to traditional investment. DoLand believes that transparency is the key to even more people choosing to invest in a sustainable future.

Be patient and think ahead while you invest

The last remark regarding your next investment is to be patient. It is to be expected that the markets constantly drop and grow. Therefore, you will experience drops in your investment journey as well. Keep your long-term strategy in mind.

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