Where to Travel to in September

Where to Travel to in September

by Cecilia Dos Santos
Where to travel to in September

Where to travel to in September? The world opens its arms as the summer sun bids adieu, creating a tapestry of vibrant destinations. It’s a month of promise, offering warm getaways, cultural explorations, urban adventures, and nature’s embrace. But beyond the excitement lies a responsibility – to travel sustainably, leaving behind footprints that inspire, not harm. As you set out on your September journey, join us in discovering eco-friendly havens that celebrate our planet’s beauty and the rich tapestry of human culture.

Embrace Warm Weather Escapes

warm weather

As the days begin to cool in the northern hemisphere, chase the sun and extend your summer a little longer. These picturesque locations not only promise warm weather but also embrace sustainable practices to ensure the beauty endures.

Bali, Indonesia

Dive into Bali‘s serene landscapes, where lush rice terraces embrace idyllic beaches. Opt for eco-conscious resorts tucked within nature’s embrace, ensuring luxury with a conscience. September offers the bonus of fewer crowds compared to the peak season, granting you space to relish the island’s beauty. Explore temples that whisper tales of history, indulge in vibrant local markets, and rejuvenate with wellness retreats. Bali in September is your canvas to create memories against a backdrop of sustainable indulgence.


September brings milder temperatures to the paradise island of Bali, with averages ranging from 77-86°F (25-30°C). The peak of the dry season brings warm days and comfortably cooler evenings, making it an excellent time to immerse yourself in Bali‘s diverse offerings. Whether you’re exploring the lush rice terraces, relaxing on idyllic beaches, or delving into the island’s rich cultural heritage, the inviting climate of Bali in September enhances every experience.

Santorini, Greece

Roam the enchanting streets of this iconic island, celebrated for its whitewashed architecture and breathtaking sunsets. Embrace eco-friendly lodgings that seamlessly meld with the island’s allure. In September, relish the tranquility of the shoulder season, escaping the summer crowds. Your September vacation on Santorini promises a serene escape bathed in both natural and responsible splendor.


In September, Santorini experiences an idyllic transition from the scorching heat of summer to more temperate conditions. Average temperatures range from around 70-82°F (21-28°C), creating comfortable and pleasant weather environment for exploring the island’s iconic sights. The cooling breeze from the Aegean Sea adds to the charm, making September an ideal time to wander through the charming streets, enjoy outdoor cafes, and witness the legendary sunsets that grace Santorini‘s skyline.

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Tulum, Mexico

Embark on a journey through the alluring landscapes of Tulum, a coastal gem on Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula, where a tapestry of wonders awaits—stretching from pristine beaches to vibrant jungles and captivating cenotes. Settle into eco-friendly retreats dedicated to preserving the region’s breathtaking natural treasures. In mid-September, you have the opportunity to explore the renowned Mayan ruins and the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve, where the vibrant surroundings come to life under the embrace of the warm sun. With the tropical climate at its most inviting, Tulum’s splendor reaches new heights, making a September getaway a perfect fusion of excitement and mindful leisure.


September graces Tulum with enchanting temperatures, creating an ideal atmosphere for immersing yourself in the area’s captivating wonders. Throughout this month, average temperatures hover between 77-89°F (25-32°C), crafting a pleasant setting for a wide range of outdoor activities. Whether you’re basking on the beaches, trekking through lush jungles, or exploring the mysterious cenotes, Tulum‘s September climate enriches the allure of every escapade.


Unveil a true paradise on Earth as you step into the Maldives, a realm of overwater bungalows and translucent waters that mirror the heavens. Opt for resorts that place the protection of coral reefs and sustainable marine practices at the heart of their mission. Amidst these natural wonders and sustainable havens, your September vacation in the Maldives will undoubtedly be a dream-like experience, offering a seamless blend of serenity and ecological responsibility.

As September unfolds in the Maldives, the islands bask in warm temperatures that range from around 78-86°F (26-30°C). This marks the tail end of the southwest monsoon season, resulting in a mix of sunshine and occasional rainfall. The turquoise waters remain inviting, perfect for snorkeling and diving to explore the vibrant marine life. With the idyllic climate and the promise of fewer tourists, September offers an enticing escape to the Maldives‘ paradise.

Experience Culture and Tradition

culture and tradition

September brings with it a myriad of cultural festivities and traditional celebrations around the world. Immerse yourself in local customs and rich history while staying in accommodations that support the communities you visit. If you are into culture and tradition, you might enjoy our article about unique cultural traditions around the world.

Kyoto, Japan

Visit in September to witness the breathtaking spectacle of autumn foliage during the cherished “koyo” season. Immerse yourself in time-honored culture by partaking in traditional tea ceremonies and uncovering the secrets of ancient temples. Enhance your journey with eco-conscious ryokan stays that fuse comfort with responsibility.

Experiencing Culture and Tradition:

In Kyoto, you’ll find so many incredible places to explore. Experience the rich tapestry of Japanese culture by wandering through the captivating Arashiyama Bamboo Grove, where tall bamboo stalks create an ethereal atmosphere. Don’t miss out on the charm of Gion, Kyoto‘s historic geisha district, where you can catch glimpses of elegantly dressed geisha moving gracefully through the streets. For a taste of imperial history, the Kinkaku-ji Temple, also known as the Golden Pavilion, is a must-visit. Its shimmering gold exterior reflects in a tranquil pond, creating a scene that’s nothing short of enchanting. September offers the best opportunity to relish these cultural gems against the backdrop of the vibrant “koyo” foliage.

Fez, Morocco

Lose yourself in the alluring medina of Fez, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The charming town welcomes you to explore its vibrant colors, aromatic spices, and masterful craftsmanship. Opt for riads that weave sustainability into their essence, ensuring an immersive experience that harmonizes with the surroundings.

Experiencing Culture and Tradition

Fez beckons with a tapestry of experiences that celebrate Moroccan heritage. Visit in September to embrace the town’s charm with fewer crowds. Begin by wandering through the bustling medina, where you’ll encounter stalls laden with intricate carpets, leather goods, and fragrant spices. The Bou Inania Madrasa, an architectural marvel adorned with ornate tilework, provides a glimpse into the grandeur of Islamic architecture. Don’t miss the iconic tanneries, where the age-old art of leather dyeing unfolds before your eyes. A journey to Fez isn’t complete without savoring the culinary delights. Indulge in traditional tagine dishes and mint tea at local eateries, where the flavors of Morocco come alive. Amidst the maze-like alleys and captivating courtyards, Fez in September reveals its cultural treasures at their finest, allowing you to be part of the town’s living heritage.

Cusco, Peru

Embrace the heart of ancient heritage by visiting Cusco during Inti Raymi, the Incan Festival of the Sun. Wander through Machu Picchu’s mysteries while immersing yourself in eco-lodges that echo local traditions.

Experiencing Culture and Tradition
In Cusco, September offers a unique perspective, transitioning from the peak summer season to the more tranquil shoulder season. Be part of the vibrant Inti Raymi celebrations, where the city comes alive with colorful parades and traditional rituals that honor the sun god. The heart of Inca civilization beats at the Qorikancha, once the most important temple in the Incan Empire, and now a museum showcasing the splendor of their culture. Plaza de Armas, the central square, serves as a hub of activity, with local markets, quaint cafes, and splendid architecture. Journey to the Sacred Valley to explore Pisac’s archaeological wonders and Ollantaytambo’s fortress ruins. As you prepare for your September visit, keep in mind that fewer crowds and comfortable weather make it one of the best times to explore Cusco‘s rich heritage and marvel at its timeless allure.

Florence, Italy

Embark on a journey through the birthplace of the Renaissance, where art and architecture thrive. Delve into museums, galleries, and historic sites while residing in lodgings committed to preserving the city’s timeless allure.

Experiencing Culture and Tradition:
Florence in September unveils a captivating canvas, transitioning from the bustling summer crowds to a more serene atmosphere. Climb to new heights with a hot air balloon ride, offering panoramic views of the city’s beauty. Immerse yourself in the traditions of Italian wine country by exploring nearby vineyards in the Chianti region. Visit in September to witness the grape harvest and indulge in wine-tasting experiences that reflect centuries of winemaking heritage. Embrace the Florentine lifestyle with leisurely strolls across the Ponte Vecchio and revel in the enchanting ambiance of Piazza della Signoria. September offers the best of both worlds – a cultural immersion and the charm of a city dedicated to its heritage.

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Explore Vibrant Urban Centers

big city trip - vibrant urban centers

September is the perfect time to explore bustling cities that offer a blend of modernity and history. Make sustainable choices to navigate these urban havens responsibly.

Barcelona, Spain

Embark on a fall getaway by diving into Gaudi’s architectural marvels. Roam through the bustling La Boqueria market and immerse yourself in the city’s electric nightlife. Make a sustainable choice by selecting accommodations with green certifications, contributing to reducing their carbon footprint.

What the City is Known For

Barcelona is renowned for its artistic heritage, showcasing the brilliance of Antoni Gaudi’s unique creations, from the awe-inspiring Sagrada Familia to the whimsical Park Güell. The city seamlessly blends history and modernity with the captivating Gothic Quarter inviting exploration. As a beach vacation destination, the golden sands of Barceloneta offer the perfect fusion of relaxation and vibrant energy. The lively town square, Plaça Catalunya, is a hub for locals and visitors alike, making it an ideal starting point for your Barcelona escapade. Visit in September to embrace the city’s charm without the summer crowds and discover the heart of Catalonia’s cultural splendor.

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Vancouver, Canada

Indulge in a September vacation with a city break that seamlessly merges urban vitality and nature’s splendor in Vancouver, British Columbia. Cycle along Stanley Park’s scenic paths, explore the artisan haven of Granville Island, and opt for eco-friendly hotels that echo the city’s green ethos.

What the City is Known For
Vancouver‘s allure lies in its breathtaking surroundings and cosmopolitan vibe. Encircled by mountains and the Pacific Ocean, it offers an array of outdoor adventures, from skiing on Grouse Mountain to strolling through the lush VanDusen Botanical Garden. The city is famed for its culinary scene, with diverse eateries at Granville Island’s Public Market and along Robson Street. A gateway to British Columbia’s natural wonders, Vancouver offers proximity to Whistler, Vancouver Island, and the Okanagan Valley, making it one of the best places to visit for both city enthusiasts and outdoor explorers.

Bangkok, Thailand

Embark on a sensory journey in Bangkok, from vibrant street food stalls to awe-inspiring grand temples. Opt for accommodations that merge energy efficiency and sustainability with unparalleled comfort.

What the City is Known For
Bangkok, a bustling metropolis, is renowned for its dynamic culture and rich heritage. Explore the dazzling Grand Palace, home to the sacred Temple of the Emerald Buddha. Cruise along the Chao Phraya River, witnessing traditional Thai life alongside modern skyscrapers. The city’s bustling markets, including the iconic Chatuchak Weekend Market, offer a treasure trove of shopping delights. For a taste of authentic Thai cuisine, head south to the vibrant street food stalls of Yaowarat Road, often referred to as Bangkok‘s Chinatown. As one of the best places to visit in Asia, Bangkok tantalizes with its blend of ancient temples and modern marvels.

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Cape Town, South Africa

Marvel at the majestic convergence of oceans, the iconic Table Mountain, and a rich tapestry of cultures in Cape Town. Explore ethically by choosing eco-hotels that actively support local conservation initiatives.

What the City is Known For
Cape Town is celebrated for its unparalleled natural beauty and historical significance. Ascend Table Mountain for sweeping views or explore the verdant Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden. Head to Robben Island to glimpse the past through the lens of its former political prison. Along the eastern coast, discover Boulders Beach, home to a colony of charming African penguins. Uncover South Africa’s complex history at the District Six Museum and delve into art and culture at the Iziko South African National Gallery. As one of the best places to visit, Cape Town‘s diverse attractions make it a captivating destination that leaves a lasting impression.

Nature Retreats and Adventure

nature retreats and adventure - outdoor experiences

September invites you to savor the changing seasons and engage in outdoor escapades. Choose destinations that prioritize nature preservation and accommodations that blend seamlessly with the environment.

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Banff National Park, Canada

Dive into the breathtaking landscapes of the Canadian Rockies in Banff National Park, where turquoise lakes and rugged peaks create a stunning vista. Choose to stay in eco-lodges that champion sustainability, aligning with the park’s commitment to preserving its natural beauty.

Getting the Most out of the Place

To truly embrace Banff’s splendor, venture into its heart on scenic hikes like the one to Lake Louise. Relish the serenity of Moraine Lake, surrounded by towering mountains. Immerse yourself in the restorative embrace of natural hot springs like Upper Hot Springs. Hike one of the beautiful hiking trails and take in the stunning scenery that this national park has to offer when you visit in september. For optimal experiences, visit in September, when the summer crowds thin, leaving you to savor the tranquil beauty of Banff’s landscapes. In this month, the golden hues of autumn foliage add an extra layer of allure to your exploration of this captivating destination.

Queenstown, New Zealand

Embark on exhilarating adventure sports against the backdrop of breathtaking alpine vistas in Queenstown. Opt for lodgings that epitomize New Zealand’s commitment to sustainability and eco-consciousness.

Getting the Most out of the Place
Queenstown‘s pleasant weather and daytime temperatures make it ideal for outdoor pursuits. Take a thrilling bungee jump or jet boat ride on the iconic Shotover River. Delve into the tranquility of Lake Wakatipu through a scenic cruise or kayak adventure. Don’t miss exploring nearby Milford Sound, one of the best places to visit in New Zealand, boasting towering cliffs and cascading waterfalls. Embrace the splendor of the Remarkables mountain range with a gondola ride, revealing panoramic views of the town and its surroundings. In September, the transition from winter to spring creates a perfect balance for exploring this hub of adventure and natural beauty.

Rocky Mountains, USA

Indulge in the serenity of mountain vistas and behold the Rocky Mountains adorned with vibrant autumn foliage. Opt for lodges that champion responsible tourism, aligning with local conservation efforts.

Getting the Most out of the Place

Explore the dramatic scenery of the Rockies through hikes along trails like Bear Lake or Alberta Falls. Capture the breathtaking views atop Trail Ridge Road, the highest continuous paved road in the United States. Embrace the September weather with average temperatures around 45-65°F (7-18°C), creating a comfortable environment for outdoor adventures. Engage in wildlife watching to spot elk, bighorn sheep, and mule deer. For an immersive experience, take a historic ride on the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad, winding through picturesque landscapes. September allows you to savor the splendor of the Rockies as beautiful fall foliage transforms the region into a canvas of vibrant colors, making every moment a breathtaking memory.

Torres del Paine National Park, Chile

Unveil the rugged beauty of Patagonia in Torres del Paine National Park, where towering peaks and gleaming glaciers create an awe-inspiring panorama. Choose lodges that seamlessly integrate with the environment, bolstering the park’s conservation endeavors.

Getting the Most out of the Plac
Navigate the trails and viewpoints thoughtfully, respecting the guidance of the national park service to preserve the fragile ecosystem. Fall brings a unique charm, with beautiful foliage painting the landscape in hues of gold and red. Embrace the clear blue skies of September for prime photography opportunities, capturing the iconic Torres del Paine peaks against the backdrop of Patagonia’s ever-changing weather. Embark on boat trips to admire the Grey Glacier up close and keep an eye out for wildlife like guanacos and foxes. Whether you’re hiking the renowned W Circuit or basking in the tranquility of Lake Pehoé, Torres del Paine offers a remarkable blend of natural wonders, wildlife encounters, and responsible exploration.

Sustainable Travel: Tips for Responsible Exploring

sustainable travel tips

As you gear up for your September adventure, it’s the perfect time to embrace sustainable travel practices that not only enhance your travel experiences but also contribute positively to the places you visit. Whether you’re venturing into the lush landscapes of Bali, exploring the historic streets of Fez, or indulging in the serenity of the Rocky Mountains, responsible travel choices can make a significant difference.

Here are some valuable tips to keep in mind as you embark on your journey:

Choose Eco-Friendly Accommodations

Seek out accommodations with recognized eco-certifications. These establishments are dedicated to reducing their environmental impact through energy-efficient practices, waste reduction, and responsible resource management. When you book your stay, consider platforms like ecohotels.com, which connect travelers with eco-conscious lodging options that prioritize sustainability without compromising comfort.

Minimize Plastic Use

Carry reusable items like water bottles, shopping bags, and utensils. By reducing your reliance on single-use plastics, you’re helping to decrease plastic pollution in the destinations you visit. It’s a simple step that can have a positive and lasting impact on the environment.

Support Local Economies

Embrace mindful shopping and dining experiences that support local businesses and communities. Visit local markets, artisans, and restaurants to directly contribute to the economic well-being of the places you explore. Your choices can help sustain traditional livelihoods and create meaningful connections with locals.

Engage in Community-Based Tourism

Participate in community-based tourism activities that provide authentic cultural exchanges. This approach allows you to learn about local traditions, support local initiatives, and promote cross-cultural understanding. Whether it’s a guided walking tour, a cooking class, or an artisan workshop, these experiences create a deeper connection with the destinations you visit.

Small changes makes a big difference!

By incorporating these sustainable travel practices into your September adventure, you’re not only enriching your own journey but also leaving a positive impact on the world around you. And when it comes to planning your accommodation, ecohotels.com offers a seamless way to find lodgings that align with your values. By booking through ecohotels.com, you can ensure that your stay is not only comfortable and enjoyable but also in line with your commitment to responsible travel. So, as you set out on your next adventure, remember that your choices matter – they contribute to the well-being of the planet and the communities you visit.

Ready for your next vacation?

As September unfurls its array of travel possibilities, it’s important to recognize that your choices hold the potential to make a difference in the places you visit. Whether you’re opting for warm-weather getaways, immersing yourself in cultural riches, responsibly exploring urban centers, or reconnecting with nature, the path of sustainable travel leads to unforgettable experiences and positive impacts.

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As September calls you to embark on new adventures, remember that your choices ripple through time – shaping the world for generations ahead. So, let your September journey be one of purpose, discovery, and positive impact.

Happy travels!

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