Introducing John and Will: A New Hotel Concept in Bremen

Introducing John and Will: A New Hotel Concept in Bremen

by Cecilia Dos Santos
John and Will

In Spring 2024, Bremen, Germany will welcome a new hotel concept to its historic landscape – John and Will. Located in the old silo buildings by the harbor, the hotel will be housed in an old Kellogg’s factory, offering guests a unique and authentic experience.

With up to 120 rooms, John and Will will be a haven for travelers seeking a blend of comfort, technology, and sustainability.

One of the most notable features of the hotel is the absence of televisions in the rooms. Instead, guests will be encouraged to bring their laptops and stream content via the fast internet provided by the hotel. This innovative move reflects the changing needs of travelers, who increasingly rely on their personal devices for entertainment and connectivity.

Not just another hotel

“John and Will is not just another hotel. It is a concept that brings together the best of modern technology, comfort, and sustainability. We want our guests to feel at home, while also experiencing something unique and memorable.”

Marc Weinert, the owner of the Guldsmeden Hotels franchise

Weinert’s vision for the hotel goes beyond offering comfortable accommodations to guests. He hopes the hotel will become a hub for the local community and showcase sustainable practices. The hotel will feature organic and locally sourced food, energy-efficient lighting, and other eco-friendly amenities.

In conclusion, John and Will is set to bring a new wave of hospitality to Bremen, offering a modern and sustainable alternative for travelers. The absence of TVs, coupled with fast internet, is a refreshing change that reflects the changing needs of travelers. With the support of the local community and the guidance of Marc Weinert, John and Will is poised to become a landmark in Bremen’s hospitality industry. is excited to welcome this hotel to our ever-growing eco-family. Want to read more about and get tips on how to travel more sustainably? Read our blog here!

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