One Booking = One Tree

One Booking = One Tree

by Rubi Sarwar
A picture of willow trees

When you book your travel with, not only do you get a unique and sustainable travel experience, but you also help plant trees all over the world. is committed to making a difference in the environment, and we are proud to partner with Saltoftegård to help us achieve our goal. When you book your hotel with us, we will plant one tree in your honor. So not only will you have an amazing trip, but you will also be helping make the world a better place!

Our story began when we realized that the tourism industry is one of the largest industries in the world and has the potential to be a power of good. Resultingly, was founded in 2020 as a booking site with sustainability at the core.

We now have a booking platform for the sustainability-conscious traveler, who values commitment and responsible actions equally to a good experience and a comfortable stay.

By booking your accommodation through, you are part of making the world a greener place.

One Booking = One Tree

One of our key initiatives is reforestation. Forests play a key role in our environment, maintaining the global balance of carbon dioxide and biodiversity. To help reverse climate change, we have planted 25.000 willow trees so far at Saltofte, Denmark. Willows are great trees to plant if you want to help the environment because they have a cyclic life cycle. They also absorb a lot of carbon dioxide within a year.

The cyclic life cycle means the trees are cut down after 6-10 years. The stems from these trees create 5-6 cuttings per tree. These cuttings will then grow into new trees – starting a new life cycle. These stem cuttings absorb 5-6 times greater amounts of CO2 than the original stem. This cycle runs four times which is equivalent to 30-40 years before it is necessary to replant willow trees.

Saltoftegård planting trees

Saltoftegård is a piece of land located in Saltofte in Denmark. Here, you will find 400 hectares of private forest, diverse nature and fields. We are happy about our partnership with Saltoftegård, as they are just as passionate about sustainability as They have several environmentally friendly practices in place, such as being supplied with renewable energy from solar panels, having Co2 neutral heating, and local woodcarvers make all signs in wood from Saltoftegård’s plantation and forest.

An ambition of Saltofte is to double the forest area in Denmark. By working to secure the propagation of the forest areas, we are ensuring that the biodiversity in the areas of Saltofte will flourish. 

Let’s plant a forest and support our ecosystem together. Book your next hotel stay here!

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