6 easy tips to make your Christmas more sustainable

6 easy tips to make your Christmas more sustainable

by Frederikke Bøcker
Tips to make your Christmas more sustainable

Christmas is a magical time of year, full of cheer and the joys of family gatherings. But for those who are eco-aware or sustainability-minded, it can also be a season fraught with guilt over the environmental impact that Christmas has on our planet. What if you could make your Christmas more sustainable? How would that feel? If you’re looking for some simple ways to reduce your footprint this holiday season and help out Mother Earth, we’ve got 6 easy tips for you!

1. Rent a Christmas Tree

Some companies offer rental services. You get a tree, decorate it, and then they pick it up again after Christmas to replant it. If you buy a tree, make sure to buy it as locally as possible. Moreover, remember to recycle the tree afterward.

2. Recycle your Wrapping Paper or Fabric

Sustainable wrapping paper

Many do not realize that many gift papers contain foil, glitter, or plastic. Are you unsure if your paper is recyclable? Do the scrunch test! Scrunch a piece of your paper in your hand. If it stays scrunched up, it can probably be recycled.

3. Be Aware of your Food Waste

Christmas is a time of great feasts and delicious snacks. Try to be mindful of not overbuying.

Sustainable Christmas cake

4. Switch to LED Christmas lights

LED lights use 80% less energy. Save Co2!

5. Buy Locally

Support local businesses and reduce carbon emissions from the transportation of food and goods.

6. Do Not Buy Plastic Wreaths

Being reusable year after year, plastic wreaths are more economical and long-term than buying a natural pine wreath every year. However, in terms of carbon footprint, natural pine wreaths are a far better option than plastic ones; unless it is reused for almost a decade. Therefore buy natural pine wreaths, and if you already have a plastic wreath, make sure to reuse it for as many years as possible.

We hope you’ll make some of these changes this year that will help protect the earth for future generations!

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