Happy International Day of Forests!

Happy International Day of Forests!

by Alberte Egholm

International Day of Forests and Trees is observed on March 21st every year!

This day raises awareness about the importance of forests and trees for our planet’s health and wellbeing and the wellbeing of humans and other species. 

Trees and Forests play a vital role in combating climate change, preserving biodiversity, and sustaining the livelihoods of millions of people worldwide.

Forests and Health

International day of forests

Trees are natural air filters as they absorb and store carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and produce oxygen, helping to regulate the Earth’s climate. Forests provide habitats for countless plant and animal species and are essential food, medicine, and fuel sources for many communities. This year’s International Day of Forests theme is “Forests and health.” This theme emphasizes forests’ crucial role in restoring our planet’s health and its inhabitants’ wellbeing.

Forests are under threat

International day of forests

Now more than ever, it is vital to bring attention and awareness to the planet’s forests and start protecting and respecting them. The world’s forests are under threat due to deforestation, illegal logging, and forest degradation. It is estimated that around 10 million hectares of forests are lost each year, contributing significantly to climate change and biodiversity loss. The loss of forests also substantially impacts the lives and livelihoods of all those who depend on them.

This day is a great time to connect and take a moment to value our trees and forests as key restorers of the health of our planet.

Tree planting

International day of forests

One way to support forest restoration is by planting trees. As you might know, this lies close to our hearts at EcoHotels.com. For every booking made with us, we plant one tree. So far, we have planted 25,000 willow trees in Saltofte, Denmark. As new eco-conscious travelers join us and we grow as a platform, we will continue planting trees. 

Planting trees cannot stand alone in fighting climate change. Yet, it is a simple and effective way to actively contribute to our forests and preserve biodiversity. 

This International Day of Forests, let us all stand up for the world’s forests and trees. 

Let us know how you spend this day. How do you connect with the trees and forests of our planet?

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