Guide to the best second-hand stores in Copenhagen!

Guide to the best second-hand stores in Copenhagen!

by Anne-Cecilie

Looking for a guide to the best second-hand shopping in Copenhagen? Then you are in the right place! Copenhagen, Denmark, is home to some of the best second-hand shops in the world! Whether you are looking for vintage clothing, furniture, or anything else, you can find it at one of these amazing shops. This blog post will list our favorite second-hand shops in Copenhagen so that you can start shopping today! Let’s get going with our guide to the best second-hand shopping in Copenhagen.

Guide to the best second-hand stores in Copenhagen

Copenhagen, the vibrant Danish capital, is not only renowned for its stunning architecture and rich history but also for its thriving second-hand shopping scene. For those looking to score unique and responsible treasures, exploring the city’s many vintage and thrift stores is an absolute must. To make the most out of your second-hand shopping adventure in Copenhagen, here are some handy tips and tricks. Firstly, do your research and make a list of the best second-hand shops in the city. From iconic institutions like Beyond Retro and Episode to smaller, hidden gems like Ruben & Bobby and Time’s Up Vintage, Copenhagen offers a diverse range of options catering to every style and budget. Next, consider visiting the stores in less touristy neighborhoods, as they often yield the best finds. Nørrebro and Vesterbro are particularly popular among fashion enthusiasts. Be sure to visit the stores regularly, as new items are constantly being stocked. To increase your chances of finding unique pieces, pay attention to the quality of the fabric, check for any potential alterations, and don’t hesitate to try things on. Finally, don’t forget to negotiate prices, as some stores may be open to bargaining. With these tips in mind, your second-hand shopping experience in Copenhagen is bound to be a memorable one, filled with one-of-a-kind treasures that tell stories of their own.

Edison & Co.

Edison & co -  Guide to the best second-hand shopping in Copenhagen

We will begin our guide on the to best second-hand shopping in Copenhagen with Edison & Co. Henrik Stahlhut established Edison & Co, and you can find his stores on Islands Brygge and Vesterbro. Henrik has had a passion for interior design and creative arts throughout his career. Some would say it was only natural to open up his vintage furniture store in Copenhagen’s Island Brygge area before eventually opening up a store in Vesterbro.

The name says it all: the primary theme is lamps and illumination, both old and new. He creates more responsible designs, frequently utilizing repurposed materials, and he also restores vintage items. This store has many hidden treasures and quality items.

Check out their Instagram here


Veras - Guide to the best second-hand shopping in Copenhagen

At Studiestræde 27, you will discover a genuine vintage and recycled gem that is well worth a trip for everyone who appreciates recycled apparel. Vera provides value for all of your items, whether or not they are sold, at Veras.

It is revolutionizing Danish clothing consumption through a circular economy, which you may easily buy for a long-lasting wardrobe while reducing clothes waste.

At Veras, you can also elect to simply buy the clothes that have been exchanged from other users. This store has a range of options, vintage finds, high-street bargains, and branded luxury goods which reflect Vera’s Clothing Exchange concept and its many Copenhagen women customers.

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Reseller - Guide to the best second-hand shopping in Copenhagen

Thea Ringby Smed opened Reseller in October 2019 while still studying design, tech, and sustainability. The store’s concept is straightforward: if you have an item to sell and it meets our requirements, then we will agree on a price together. Your item stays in the store for 6-8 weeks as consignment before we split any profits 50/50. You can find anything from jeans, hats, dresses, shoes, and much more!

If you want to do some shopping, just go to @resellercph on Instagram and look at the daily postings. If there is something you like, shoot them a DM, pay for the item, and two working days, later it will be shipped to your doorsteps. Or if you’re feeling old-fashioned or live close by, feel free to drop by the physical store located at Pilestræde 46. Easy peasy fashion void of any fuss!

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Magnolia - Guide to the best second-hand shopping in Copenhagen

This second-hand store is a true gem! They have many high-end fashion brands, and you will also be able to find items from designers’ new collections. You can find the store on Købermagergade 5, Copenhagen. They have a great selection, and the service is great. This is a great shop to sell your clothes if you have any items of value. The store has many visitors all year long since it is on a very popular street in Copenhagen.

If you are visiting Copenhagen and looking for a great thrift store, this is worth a visit. Maybe you will find your next pre-loved items while shopping at Magnolia!

Check out their Instagram here

Storrs Antikvariat

Storrs Antikvariat - Guide to the best second-hand shopping in Copenhagen

We will continue our guide to the best second-hand shopping in Copenhagen with Storrs Antikvariat. At this charming little time warp of a bookstore in Copenhagen, you’ll find a small but interesting selection of English titles among the 5,000 books on the shelves. A visit here is fun no matter which language you speak or read.

Storrs Antikvariat, which since 2017 has been a haven for bookworms, second-hand fiction, and human science in the Nordvest area of Copenhagen’s main street, is not only a bookstore but also a home for its owner.

This beautiful store, which is a testament to the fact that some things defy time and fashion, belongs to Benjamin Storr, who is thrilled about its existence. And while there’s still a place for excellent literature and individual advice on selecting your favorites, it’s good to know.

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Carmen Copenhagen

Carmen - Guide to the best second-hand shopping in Copenhagen

Carmen Copenhagen is one of the best vintage shops in Larsbjørnssstræde, which is full of stylish stores, young people, and a high concentration of vintage shops. The shop is also one of the oldest second-hand shops in Copenhagen.

The clothing at Carmen Copenhagen is fashionable, with an emphasis on the 1970s and 1980s. Find leather jackets, pumps, shirts, dresses, handbags, hats, boots, scarves, raincoats, and jewelry for men and women. The prices in this area can be a bit high, but getting some really cool bargains is still possible.

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Rosy Vintage

Rosy vintage - Guide to the best second-hand shopping in Copenhagen

If you want to visit a vintage store in Copenhagen with more than just Chanel blouses, we recommend Rosy Vintage. You can truly find some inspirational items.

This store has a wide range of beautiful, one-of-a-kind vintage goods that are not expensive. You might think you have entered the wrong business when you walk through the doors because the clothes are placed in such an organized fashion that it looks like they must be considerably more expensive than they actually are.

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Prag - Guide to the best second-hand shopping in Copenhagen

Next, on our guide to the best second-hand shopping in Copenhagen:

If you’re a “let’s get crazy about it!” type of person who adores unique things, Prag is the store for you. If you don’t mind the brand name on the item’s tag but appreciate how unique and strange an item can be, Prag is one of the greatest vintage stores in Copenhagen.

The shop, which is located in the city’s first shopping gallery and was established in 1837, sells clothes for both women and men. The concept is taken from historic metropoles such as Berlin and New York. Vintage attire includes petticoats, bows, jeans, dresses, colorful tops, hats, bags, and so on. The variety of items available is quite broad.

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Audrey Vintage

Audrey - Guide to the best second-hand shopping in Copenhagen

Do you want to visit Paris without having to take the train? Then make a stop by Audry Vintage. If your style is inspired by breakfast at tiffany’s, French elegance, and pearls, then you’ve come to the right vintage store.

Audry Vintage is a store you will absolutely adore if you love vintage fashion. As the name suggests, the shop takes its style cues from iconic actress Audrey Hepburn. You will find carefully curated items sourced from Paris throughout the store, ranging from beautiful coats and blazers to delicate silk shirts and plenty of pearls. It’s like stepping into a time machine when you enter Audry Vintage, making it one of Copenhagen’s best vintage stores. This is the perfect place to do some vintage shopping. The shop also offers beautiful vintage accessories.

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Keiko - Guide to the best second-hand shopping in Copenhagen

Even though the store is rather small, you will get lost in time gazing at their selection of one-of-a-kind handpicked pieces and accessories from all over the world. Keiko is the place for you if you are obsessed with ’90s street style or just looking for something new.

This shop is crammed with funky vintage clothes and has a cozy atmosphere, making it feel like a tribute to the Berlin vintage scene. The staff is incredibly friendly and helpful, making visiting even more enjoyable. If you’re looking for unique Vintage clothing in Copenhagen, this is definitely one of the best places to go.

Check out their Instagram here

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We hope this has inspired you for your next second-hand shopping in Copenhagen. You can find so many beautiful vintage shops and thrift stores. Thrift shops are a fun and affordable way to add some new pieces to your circular wardrobe. They are also great for finding unique treasures that you won’t find at your average department store. Check out this guide on where to find the best second hand furniture in Copenhagen. If you are ever in Copenhagen, be sure to check out some of the city’s best thrift stores – you may just find something special! Have you ever been to a thrift shop? What was your favorite find? Let us know in the comments below.

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